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  • Hypnotherapy for a
    better life

    Chris Hughes has been a certified hypnotherapist for over 10 years. Alongside his private hypnotherapy practice, he regularly conducts demonstrations, training events, talks and hypnosis shows all over the UK.
  • Phobia therapy that
    works for YOU

    Are you plagued by irrational feelings of intense anxiety or panic in certain situations, or about certain objects, creatures or places? This can be very distressing, and can really impact upon your life.
  • Lose weight &
    CHANGE your habits!

    Lose weight without diets, these only make you crave food. Suddenly, the only thing you can think about are the very foods you can't have!

Hypnotherapy Clinic

People often ask what happens when you come in for a hypnotherapy session. Well the first thing we do is simply have a chat. Hypnotherapy is something we do together so it is important that we have a good understanding of what we need to do and achieve. Having a specific or inspiring goal will help you keep on track and allows me to assess your progress week after week.
  • You are always in control of the session, and can come out of the trance at any time, if you need to.
  • You cannot be made to say, do or reveal anything against your will.
  • You allow yourself to go into hypnosis, to the level you are comfortable with.
  • You are aware, and able to recall, what is said and done in the session, just as you would from an ordinary conversation.
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For over 10 years I have been using clinical hypnotherapy to help transform the lives of people.

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